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No more challenges

The time has come for me to call an end to dresdenflashfic as it currently stands. In my heart, I've moved on from the show, and I've never been one for book fandoms. I will always love to read and write fic for this series, but I'm no longer interested in running a monthly challenge for it. From the low response to the last several challenges, I suspect most of you have moved on, as well.

Thank you all so much for an awesome community! It was a blast seeing what you would do with the challenges, and to see everyone cheering each other on in comments. You're all amazing. <3

If anyone wants to take over and keep the challenges going, I'll happily hand over the reins! Let me know in comments, PM, or email (feathersflight [at] gmail).

Otherwise, consider all previous challenges open for your writing pleasure. :) I'll stick around as mod, so if there's ever any problem with the comm, don't hesitate to let me know.
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Sunday, for prompt:School

Rating:PG13 maybe a little higher
Spoilers for: Small Favour
Length:too long to be a ficlet, too short to be a fic
Disclaimer:All hail Jim Butcher and his mighty imagination.

Authors Note: There are canonical references to race and racial tension in this story, which I hope I have treated with respect. No offense is intended.

Some passing references to adult situations, nothing too graphic.

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Dream, TVverse

Author:CrevanFox (seriously! why can't I stop?)
Spoilers for: Hair of the Dog *
Verse:TV. Yes, I'm finally dabbling in the TV verse.
Length:ficlet, barely more than a drabble.
Disclaimer:All hail Jim Butcher and his mighty imagination.

*include verbatim dialogue from the show.

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While Sleeping, I murder the world. bookverse

Title:While Sleeping, I murder the world
Author:CrevanFox (aren't you sick of me yet?)
Spoilers for: Proven Guilty, any book that mentions Lash, I suppose.
Warning:nothing specific

in text quote from Proven Guilty, p. 315
title is from the poem Monster, by Cliff J. Burns

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There is nothing that cannot be achieved
through sustained effort and an exertion of the
will; the mind can bend and shape reality at its
discretion; while sleeping, I murder the world.

-Violins in the Void
J/E - balcony (by awanderingbard)

August challenges: school and sleep

The August challenges are: school and sleep.

Ah, school. That place you go to gossip with friends, get yelled at by teachers, and maybe learn a thing or two. There are field trips and homework and dances and tests and sports; clubs and fights and honor rolls and science projects. You learn about math and history at the same time as you learn about yourself. You learn to deal with friends and foes as the same time as you learn to read and write.

Of course, in the Dresden Files, school might mean learning of a different sort. Unlikely teachers and subjects no school (as we generally think of it) would touch. Failure, too, can mean something different when magic is the course of study...

There are other types of schools, too -- the police academy, for example. Or something smaller, maybe a school for martial arts, or cooking, or art.

There might be different "schools" of magic -- that is, different types or ways of thinking about it. There are schools of fish. Or someone may simply "get schooled."

The second challenge of the month is sleep. Sleep, that thing so many of us get so little of. Harry, Murphy, and the rest are likely no exception. Sleep can become a precious commodity when your life is filled with stress and strife. You may be plagued by nightmares or insomnia. Or, like a soldier, you may learn to sleep wherever and whenever you have the opportunity.

Sleep is when dreams take over, sending our minds into an endless landscape of strangeness, wish fulfillment, and terror. Dreams may be warnings or messages from our subconscious -- or from the outside, by people and creatures both good and not-so-good.

We may say that someone who makes a mistake was asleep on the job or at the wheel. Literally doing either of those isn't a good idea, either...

Stay alert! You have until the end of August to post your fics.

As always, if you have suggestions for future challenges, comment here or on any admin post.