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The Dresden Files Flashfiction

Dream, TVverse

Dream, TVverse

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Author:CrevanFox (seriously! why can't I stop?)
Spoilers for: Hair of the Dog *
Verse:TV. Yes, I'm finally dabbling in the TV verse.
Length:ficlet, barely more than a drabble.
Disclaimer:All hail Jim Butcher and his mighty imagination.

*include verbatim dialogue from the show.

Hey dog.

She's got so much to say and so very little time in which to say it.

The real nightmare's when you wake up.

She needs to warn her, to absolve her of her guilt, she needs to say goodbye.

you need Dresden. Get help.

But Heather tells her there is no help and Mina's heart breaks just a little. Her best friend doesn't comprehend the full situation yet, and she's already hurt, heading towards broken.

Mina does her best to let Heather know that her murder wasn't her fault. She can feel the dream ending. Reality starts to intrude and Heather's wounds bleed into the dream world, the halfway place between the dead and the living.

Just shut up and get out of here.

She gives her the message one last time, hoping it sticks with her once she wakes up.

find Dresden, he's your way out.
  • (Anonymous)
    Ooo, I knew that was really Mina! *applauds*
    • There's a bit of mythology, possibly just from movies, that Werewolves can see the dead, and it's kind of weird to have a dream like that out of the blue. So I assumed it was really Mina, saying goodbye and warning her friend.

      thanks for reading!
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