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The Dresden Files Flashfiction

No more challenges

No more challenges

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Harry Dresden (by realtanala)
The time has come for me to call an end to dresdenflashfic as it currently stands. In my heart, I've moved on from the show, and I've never been one for book fandoms. I will always love to read and write fic for this series, but I'm no longer interested in running a monthly challenge for it. From the low response to the last several challenges, I suspect most of you have moved on, as well.

Thank you all so much for an awesome community! It was a blast seeing what you would do with the challenges, and to see everyone cheering each other on in comments. You're all amazing. <3

If anyone wants to take over and keep the challenges going, I'll happily hand over the reins! Let me know in comments, PM, or email (feathersflight [at] gmail).

Otherwise, consider all previous challenges open for your writing pleasure. :) I'll stick around as mod, so if there's ever any problem with the comm, don't hesitate to let me know.
  • While I'm sorry to hear this, I understand what you're saying and agree. We had a good run for such a short running show, especially considering book fic wasn't allowed until recently. Thanks so much for making it in the first place! I started posting my fanfiction because of the first challenge here and since then, I think I've grown as a writer so much. Plus, I met wonderful friends here. Thanks for your time and efforts!

    P.S Your entry is f-locked.
    • It really was a great run! In retrospect I probably should have opened it up to book!fic earlier. Live and learn. :)

      I'm so glad you did start posting fic, because it's so good! :D Thank you for being part of what made this comm successful. It's been fun! And yes, lots of great people here!

      (Whoops! I fixed it. It would have shown to the comm members, but I didn't mean to lock it. Silly LJ.)
  • I am sorry to hear, but yes the response was low and it must take a lot of your time! I was always the stalker in this, the challenges always made me think hopefully someone writes something, but I never had the courage to actually write something! I love that you did this for this show! Thanks!
    • Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) I think a lot of people did that -- read but didn't write -- which is cool, 'cause that's part of what it's about!
  • Aw. I'm sorry, hon. I never managed to knock anything out for it. :/
    • Aw! No worries. I didn't manage anything myself for a lot of the last year, so I'm certainly not complaining about anyone else not. :)
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