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dresdenflashfic's Journal

The Dresden Files Flashfiction
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The time has come to call an end to dresdenflashfic as it currently stands. If anyone wants to take over and keep the challenges going, I'll happily hand over the reins! Let me know in comments, PM, or email (feathersflight [at] gmail).

Otherwise, consider all previous challenges open for your writing pleasure. :) I'll stick around as mod, so if there's ever any problem with the comm, don't hesitate to let me (joyfulfeather) know.

If you would like to write to any of the previous challenges - which you can find under the community's tags - please follow these rules:

1. Both TV and book universes are allowed.

2. Fics can be any length at all -- no minimum, no maximum.

3. You can interpret the challenge however you like. I'll give suggestions, but if something else moves you, go with it! Creativity is wonderful.

4. When posting your fic:

- Every fic should include a header with, at the very least, the following information: title, 'verse (TV or book), characters/pairings, and warnings. You must warn for mature content, either in a warning or with an appropriate rating.

- Put all fic behind a cut tag! (Not sure how?) Please do this even if you are posting a drabble or even a haiku; it keeps things neater.

- Make a note of any spoilers in your fic. No one likes to be accidentally spoiled!

Everything's fair game -- all ratings, pairings, slash, het, gen, crossovers, you name it! Be creative, and have fun!

(Got a Dresden-related community and want to affiliate? Comment on any admin post!)